Profoundly Grateful

It's the day after Thanksgiving. In Echo Park - where I live and work - it's a very quiet and peaceful day. And sunny, yes, it's almost always sunny here in LA. This holiday of Gratitude is my favorite. And this year, we made it a pot luck vegan, family stylie with 75% of our "kids" plus a boyfriend. 

I love trying new things. My new thing since about a month ago is that I'm trying a plant based lifestyle. Why? Because I read a book and saw a movie, and got inspired. The book - "Life Changing Foods" by Anthony Williams and the movie - "Before the Flood" with Leonardo Di Caprio.

And I swear that our vegan feast was exquisite! There was a Butternut Squash risotto, a Pumpkin Coconut soup, Brusselsprouts with red onions and pistachios, Mashed potatoes/califlower, Portobello Mushroom toasts, an epic coleslaw by Marc, the boyfriend. Raw Vegan Wild Blueberry/Mango Pie for desert. YUM YUM.

After dinner we expressed GRATITUDE. First everyone said something they were thankful for on this special day, and then we expanded it to express "Gratitude of the year". It's interesting how it works, when you verbalize things, even if it's just your family listening, the gratitude kind of amplifies. I've been thinking a lot today about what we all said out loud yesterday. 

"Profoundly Grateful" is one of the 25 reminders I have in my collection. I've collected affirmations that I think are worth spreading and that I think that we - the people - need to be reminded of. To have a holiday dedicated to Gratitude is nothing but sweet, but I also think it should be an ongoing event - a daily basis exercise. Because - it is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy.


Photo by Eva-Lotta Freden, me in my workshop, in my garage.