I Am Beloved

Yesterday I went into the room of my last teenager and woke him up with my soft mama-voice. It was 12.15 and I asked if he wanted to join us and our friends for some hipster coffee in Highland Park on this LAST DAY OF THE YEAR. The answer was an expected "NO". I'm almost done parenting this one: The Fourth. I've parented & co-parented FOUR children, that's pretty rad! One of the last parental tasks, "The Driving", will hopefully end on January 3rd as Melvin is going for his driver's license that day. Fingers crossed.

After hipster coffee and thrift store shopping we spontaneously popped over to Eagle Rock to celebrate the cosiest New Years Eve ever with our BELOVED friends H&V. We had delicious pasta and tomato sauce, real champagne & real conversations. Except for Luna pooping on their rug and Kent crushing whisky glasses again and again there was no drama. We managed to stay awake the whole year and we got ‘selfie proof’ of the serious styling! Valle in his tuxedo winning “Best Dressed” without doubt. I'm sorry about the quality on the photo, it's very 2016. 

Affirmation of the week

"I AM BELOVED" is a multitasking reminder. It can be used as a gift for someone you want to remind that they are beloved by you, or you can use it for yourself, to remind yourself that you are beloved. The other day while meditating, I decided to use I AM BELOVED as my mantra. Breathing in and saying "I AM BELOVED" on my breath out. Just try it yourself for a couple of minutes and shower yourself in love. It feels really good. 

Before Christmas I got an order from a man who wanted three silver cuff bracelets with the "I Am Beloved" affirmation on. He was gifting it to his wife, daughter and son. The kind of order that gives you goose bumps and an aspirant for the title "Man of the year". 

As this first day of 2017 is about to end I just wanted to thank 2016 for teaching me so much stuff and say hello & welcome 2017, here I am with an open heart! Bring it on! And while I'm in gratitude mode - I also want to thank two of the readers of this blog - my mom and dad - for making me feel BELOVED, always.

/ Maria