Better And Better

This weekend Sankta Lucia season kicked off. When you’re a Sankta-Lucia-Song-Loving Swede in LA, it’s a pretty hectic season. I’m performing in 5 Lucia pageants this week. And right now I'm all stoked because the performance tonight is @ Emma Stones private gathering in Malibu. Woop Woop! That leads to a couple of questions though. Is Ryan Gosling invited? And if YES - will he fancy my "Tärna" outfit? Very exciting times in my head for sure.

The celebration of Sankta Lucia was a big part of my childhood in Sweden. I attended a music school where this was the "Event of The Year". Starting early morning and throughout the day we sang in churches, hospitals and even at the biggest arena in Stockholm at that time - "Globen" - with over 1200 singers, all dressed in white gowns, and candles burning in the hands of every "Tärna" and in the crown of the chosen "Lucia". I loved every minute of it!

I've been thinking about why I love Lucia so much, and maybe it's because of the strong symbolism. A flickering light from a candle, that enters a room and lit it up completely, and in my world that's a sign that light is stronger than darkness, and that ONE light is all it takes...And of course another aspect is that I love love love singing together with other people. To make music with voices only is pure magic. 

Speaking of magic music, in this THIRD blog post I want to introduce "Song of the Week". The song that boosted my happiness, moved my booty and that I want to share is: "Metaphors" with Loco Dice & Neneh Cherry. Neneh is a person that I've met and admired throughout the years when I lived in Stockholm and she does not need a candle in her hand to lit up a room. She is vibrant and gorgeous, from within. Check it out on Spotify or Itunes, I hope you enjoy!

Another thing I hope you like, is the title of this blog: "Better And Better". It's the short version of one of the reminders in my collection. The long version goes: "Day by day, in every way, it's (I'm) getting better and better". The first time I came across this affirmation was in the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill written in 1937 (!) a classic book that has sold over 20 million copies. I wear this affirmation every day, and it helps me focus on things I want to improve in my life, some days I use it on a personal level and some days I just send the affirmation out in the world, better and better, for each and every one of us.

That's all for now! Have a wonderful weekend / Maria

P.S If you're curious to know how things will work out for me and Ryan tonight, welcome back next Friday!