I Choose To Live In Love Light And Joy

I have a childhood memory from when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and a bit sick. I remember my dad telling me with his serious voice “Stop coughing, Maria, you have to think yourself well”. I have no more memories of being sick as a kid, but that one time and that comment left an impact on me, for life. Basically, what he told me was that my own thoughts were so strong that they could make changes, visible even in the physical world. Was that really possible?

To me it made total sense. I could see it clearly me with my young eyes. People around me who was thinking happy thoughts and using a happy uplifting vocabulary seemed pretty happy, mostly. And people who complained about everything and criticized themselves and other people seemed a lot less happy with their existence.

Affirmation of the week: I Choose To Live In Love Light and Joy. 

Some questions to explore: Do I have a choice? Can I wake up in the morning and choose to love myself as I love others? Can I choose the light even if the darkness is much louder around me? Can I choose to enjoy all the gifts that have been given me in this lifetime?

“I choose to live in love light and joy” is the newest addition to my collection of reminders. My friend Jo shared it during one of our meditation circles. I took a mental note and asked if I could use it in my collection later. I love how this affirmation gives us the power back. The power of choice. I might not choose everything that is happening in my life, but I choose how to react to them. I think that the use of this affirmation is important in times where constant fear and terror streams towards us. We need those three forces of the Universe to expand and take over: The Love, The Light and The Joy. That’s why we’re here folks!