I Live Out Of Pure Trust

This week I went to visit my beloved friend Catrin & family in their MINDBLOWINGLY beautiful home in Nosara, Costa Rica. We had a conversation about the affirmation of the week “I Live Out Of Pure Trust”, and about the challenges and benefits of moving abroad.

Maria: Why did you move abroad, and why Costa Rica?

Catrin: It was time to try something new in our lives. Our second batch of kids was toddlers and we were tired of the cold, dressing them for winter, driving to the office in traffic and so on. And also some kind of midlife restlessness appeared. We decided to explore Costa Rica for a while, and when we came to Nosara we fell in love.

M: Tell me a bit about the greatest challenges you’ve met so far.

C: One challenge has been getting used to the complicated and old school bureaucracy, the need for stamps and receipts for everything you do. Another thing was the fact that we didn’t know any Spanish at all when we moved here. And maybe it doesn’t really count as a challenge, but sometimes it’s hard to get used to the gender inequalities. 

M: And the benefits?

We learn something new every day. Literally. Every day is exciting. Living here makes you naturally mindful. You have to be aware where you put down your feet. I’ve become much more present in the moment, in the now, since I moved here.

M: Could you tell us shortly about the therapy form you are working with, Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a synthesis between Eastern philosophy and Western medicine. It is sprung out of Freud's psychoanalysis but takes it further with CBT, meditations, affirmations, guided imagery, dialogues etc. Assagioli, the Italian psychiatrist who founded the method, had the approach to the human as a whole, where body, soul, feelings and mind are equally important parts. The method assumes that all humans have an ability to create the life they want and that we all have great potential. The focus is on the healthy part of the individual.

M: Why do you think Affirmation of The Week, “I live out of pure trust”, is so important?

C: Because you gain nothing from worrying in vain. It creates stress and fear, and out of fear we make decisions that is “fear’s need to be satisfied” rather than making decisions based on our own inner will. With other words, when we worry, we tend to live a life that we really don’t want.

M: I agree. Rudolf Steiner, who is the source of this affirmation, talks about “Meditation of Trust” talked about fear as something that could “suppress things that was supposed to come into your life – out of the future”. And he also emphasized that it takes practice, daily practice, to learn how to let go of fear and worry.

M: What affirmation is your favorite one out of the IAM collection, and which one do you need the most yourself?

C: Until a couple of years ago, the most important one for me was “I Gracefully Let Go”. I’ve worked hard on that one. When we moved here, affirmation of the week “I Live Out Of Pure Trust” became more important. Living here with two young ones and new diseases, spiders, scorpions and snakes in combination with no hospital or ambulance in near sight made it necessary for me to develop trust. And today I feel that the reminder “Compassion” serves me well. (I release judgments about myself and others and focus on the love and light that is within everyone)

M: To end this conversation, I'd like to express my gratitude to you Catrin, for all input you've contributed with in my work with IAM, for being such a precious part of this process. And also, for inviting me to Nosara and so generously spoiling me with all your goodness. The gratitude also extends to Patrik as well, the house you've planned & built is the most amazing house ever. And also thank you for taking pics.

That was all from Nosara. See you back in LA next week