I Forgive Myself

I live 10 minutes from Downtown LA and that is FANTASTICO when you are a ‘Maker of Things’. When I first got the idea to make leather bracelets with affirmations on, I had no clue how to make them happen. I knew nothing about leather, about laser engraving, edge beveling and stuff like that. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to make a bracelet that was comfortable, simplistic, could fit all AND that featured my handwritten affirmations.

First time I went browsing for leather, I found a place called Sav-Mor Leather on Wall Street. Located in a sketchy area under one of the freeway bridges, it felt like entering another world. The place was buzzing with people from different walks of life, making things. I quietly browsed and listened curiously to ongoing conversations. Eavesdropping is fun, right?

There was the Hatmaker from Venice, the Lady making leather notebooks, the “Indiana Jones guy” who needed a crocodile looking leather for his guitar strap, just to name a few. This first visit gave me such a boost and I understood that my idea was makeable. If they could make it, I could make it! The visits were very frequent in the beginning, and the brothers running the family business ‘Sav-Mor’ answered most of my rookie questions.

When I look at my bracelets today, I also see all the trial and errors that had to be done during the process. The frequent Downtown visits developed a deep respect for people who make things. I now know when I see a product, that this did not become perfect at the first try. And I also know I can feel mighty proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Affirmation of the week: I Forgive Myself. “I release old hurts and forgive everyone including myself”.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to hear Louise Hay speak live. She was at that time 86 years old and she entered the stage like a gracious dancer and with her deep voice filled with self-love and humor, she started to talk about poop. Yes, poop!

“When you have pooped in the toilet, you don’t want to keep it there, you don’t stand around watching your poop for hours, no – you flush, right? And that is how you should handle other shitty things in your life too, don’t give them your time and energy, just flush flush!” Now, this might not be the exact way she said it, but that was how the message came across to me.

Forgiveness can be such a hard thing. You want the other person to really understand that they’ve hurt you, and sometimes you’re so hurt that your instinct is that they must be punished in order for you to go on with your life. But the more you grow as a person the more you realize that the only one who loses by holding grudges, is you.   

Personally, I find it harder to forgive myself, than to forgive others. But it’s just like the common sense on a flight. You need to put the mask on yourself first to be able to help others. Forgive yourself first for making forgiveness of others easier. Repeat the affirmations above to help flush out the poop you’ve been looking at for so long. Flush flush, I forgive myself, and I release old hurts.