Today is the day of Spring Equinox. This is a day that through the history of humanity has been celebrated as a day of “new beginnings”. I celebrated this shift yesterday evening with a magical meditation. To stay sane in the crazy times we’re in, I’m lucky to have a tribe of sisters around me, who shares my view of the world as a spiritual place, and who shares the interest of connecting to this world. And on the annual four “corners” of the year, on spring and fall Equinox, and on summer and winter Solstice, we get together and meditate, to celebrate life and femininity, and the journey called life.

My life is much about “new beginnings” right now. The change that occurred when my youngest got his driver’s license two months ago was so much bigger than I could imagine, and the freedom has been sneaking up on me. I didn’t realize that I spent so much time in my role as “The Driver”. Suddenly all this time has been released. I met one of my fellow tribe-sisters for coffee on Tuesday, and I said out loud, “I have all this time now, I want a job”.

The Universe acted fast because later that afternoon I got a text from my friend Emi who works in the TV-biz: “Do you want to help me as a P.A on a shoot this week?” So, there I was – with a new beginning. And for those of you who are like me, and don’t know much about this biz, a P.A is short for Production Assistant and the one who fixes stuff that needs to be done. Can be pretty much anything and everything. Never a dull moment.

I worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the Universe has humor as well because when I said I had all this time, it responded with giving me the working hours for Friday: 8.00 – 23.00. Admitting that I was crazy tired in the weekend, but after some rest and digesting this experience I must say I liked it very much.

I liked it because it was unexpected. You never knew what your next step was going to be. I liked it because I got to learn a new vocabulary. I liked it because I got to meet new people - I love to get to know new people. But most of all I liked it because I got to be around Emi all day long. Emi is also one of the amazing women that I’m grateful to call my friend, my chosen sister. That kind of sister you laugh so hard with that you get sore in your abs. 

Affirmation of the week

This week I present the first Sanskrit mantra in the collection “ishta”. The meaning of this mantra is: “That which resonates with the individual spirit / That which resonates with the true you”. This mantra was chosen to the collection by Ulrica Norberg, yoga teacher. My affirmation bracelets are so-called "one-size-fits-all". I want to end this blog with a picture of what might be my youngest, and definitely the cutest wearer of bracelets, no offense all other bracelet wearers. His name is Kingston and he's wearing his "ishta" bracelet every day. Cuteness overload!

I asked his Mom why she chose "ishta" for him and this is her words: 

Kingston is an individual spirit. He is unique, as we all are, and yet at his young age, he seems so confident in himself and so free. Also, Kingston's middle name is True. To me, Ishta also means to honor one's unique being, or to be "true."

That was all from Echo Park this week!

Wishing you all a wonderful spring, and lots of new beginnings!

Love, Maria