Om Mani Padme Hum

This week a horrible tragedy happened in my hometown, Stockholm. An unexpected attack of violence left most Swedes in shock mode. Was this for real? And for a Swede abroad it felt even more surreal. For me, the way to keep in contact with my peeps back home is with the two face-tools: Face-Time & Facebook. This Friday morning my feed was full of stories both from the actual scene (someone I know was not hurt but pretty close) but it was also about the “togetherness” and the unity people are feeling after a major event like this. Like always, my strategy to stay sane when I hear about man-made madness is to keep reminding myself “no matter how dark, always choose light”.

Another tragedy this week but a teeny tiny one was that my teenager came home from a school trip from Cupertino without his wallet. And in that wallet was that fresh driver’s license of his. Now his dad thinks someone will steal his identity and make stupid things in disguise. I’m not that worried. That boy has a special star shining upon his face.

He just unpacked and re-packed to go to Mexico with two girlfriends and a Mom. They have a farm there. I asked if she’d put them to work. She answered, “they will only get one job when we’re there, to train a puppy each”. My poor boy having to work on spring break! I just got the following text from Walker, the mom; “Arrived happy. Building an awesome swing over the creek. Perfect weather. So good to be here”

One thing that has been stuck in my head all week is the new song by Kendrick Lamar; Humble. I have this thing right now, where I work on memorizing hip-hop lyrics. I suck. Or maybe I don’t suck, but it takes me forever and that’s why I just have to keep trying. I see it as my way of doing brain-work-out just like my mom does her Sudoku. Kendrick Lamar is my hero, such a phenomenal artist, and the video released to this song is epic. If you haven’t seen it already, please, take a look at this piece of art. And stay humble.

Affirmation of the week: Om Mani Padme Hum.

Reminder of the week is a Sanskrit mantra, also chosen to the collection by the lovely Swedish yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg. The translation I use for this mantra is “May I find generosity, concentration, wisdom, tolerance, patience and perseverance within myself”. I think this is such a good reminder for mankind. To remember to always look within to find what we’re looking for. We tend to look too far, we complicate, when it’s here already. When I chant a mantra also like to imagine everyone else on the planet doing the same thing at the same time. And I can't help wondering, what would happen if we all did and we all lived by this mantra?

Love and Light // Maria

Pic by Melvin