Profoundly Grateful

Welcome to my weekly blog! If you read this blog for the first time, I’d like to make a short introduction of the brand IAM, and why I started it. I AM is short for Inspirational Affirmation Messages. The name of my website should have been, that would’ve been cool, but unfortunately, it was already taken. To find an alternative domain, I started thinking about the purpose of my brand. A reminder! My brand’s purpose is to remind people to keep shining.

So that’s what I do. I write affirmations that I think needs to be out there, reminding people. Including myself. I write them by hand on paper, with my favorite pen. I scan the affirmations and laser print on comfy cool unisex leather bracelets that both babies, grandparents, and fashionistas look good wearing. The production and distribution take place in my garage in Echo Park.

The blog is a way for me to write a bit more thorough about the affirmations that I’ve chosen to my collection, and why I think they’re so important right now. This week we’ve come to affirmation # 21 - “Profoundly Grateful”.

Affirmation of the week: Profoundly Grateful

One of my hugely successful friends, director and writer Matt Nix, is the one who inspired me to add this affirmation to the collection. I think it was at his birthday party some years ago, where he stood up at the table and held a speech. And as a Swede, you’re always so impressed by the American’s who with such grace just can stand up and talk without hesitation.

The theme of his speech was gratitude for everything that he was surrounded by, his family, his beautiful house, his work, and he expressed this with such honesty and depth that it made a deep impact on me. And those two words he used throughout the speech, “profoundly grateful”, felt so good to include into my expanding English vocabulary. 

Gratitude is the most important spiritual practice of all. It's so easy to fall into complaining mode and just focus on all the flaws and the imperfections that we end up forgetting about all the good stuff we're surrounded by. We can't even see it anymore. When I heard Matt express this out loud, I could see it so clearly, that he had achieved all this goodness because of his attitude of gratitude. 

That's why I added this affirmation to the collection. To remind us all to get into that mood of gratitude this week, and all weeks to come, to work on it, for real. And lists are good too, make a list of everything you're grateful for. I thought about doing it myself right here, but I won't. There is not enough space on The Internet for that. Lets just say I'm profoundly grateful...

That's all for now, see you next week.