I Am A Radiant Being Enjoying Life To The Fullest

Affirmation of the week is NEW! In January, I chose a couple of longer affirmations to work with during this year. They all came from the deck of affirmation cards by Louise Hay, that I got as a gift from my son on Mother’s Day. Affirmation of the week “I am a radiant being enjoying life to the fullest” is one of them, that I now decided to share in my collection. 

I’ve been keeping my chosen cards on my altar in my meditation room. It’s not technically a room it’s more like a closet, barely big enough to not get claustrophobic in. On the altar, I have objects reminding me of things I care about, and that I want to keep in mind in my meditation: my family, my tribe, my passions, my goals and my intentions for the year.

If you’re new to the concept of “working with affirmations” I’ll give you some facts:

1: There’s no right or wrong way to do this.

2: You do not need a dedicated meditation room aka closet

3: Repetition and persistence is key. What you focus on grows.

4: Use present tense and positive statements to formulate your desired outcome.

This is how I do “the work”: I try to get into the relaxed mode once a day. I get into my closet, sometimes I burn incense or Palo Santo or a candle, sometimes I don’t. I sit down and close my eyes and start breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth. I breathe out completely saying: “I empty myself…” and then I breathe in and say “…and let the Universe fill me”.

I do this for a while and then I grab my selected affirmation cards, and I read them out loud, one by one. I know them all by heart now, so I don’t actually read the cards, I just like to have them in my hand while saying them, and just in case I forget one, I can peek. I dedicate time for each affirmation to really sink in, using my imagination and open heart.

I don’t panic if I miss a session, that happens, but I don’t want to miss it. These moments in silence have become my way to keep sane and connected to the bigger picture. It’s also a daily workout routine for my brain. What I’ve also noticed is that my intentions are manifesting faster nowadays. There’s a more spiritually advanced theory behind that, but I’m not getting into that this week, I need to do some more research first. Woo Woo.

So the way I enjoyed my life to the fullest this week in LA was through music and movement. I had THREE great nights out this week. I'll give you my three best pics from the events:

1. Friday, DANCE DANCE DANCE!  We danced in this basement in Venice Beach and plan to tour around different neighborhood dancefloors in LA from now on! FUN! Kent, Me, Roger, Kiki, Frida & Joel. Pic taken with the filter AFTER-DANCE-SWEAT-GLOW. 

Thursday, on 4/20 we went to The Standard in Hollywood celebrating the work of our coolest neighbor Roger Steffens who released the book "Jamaica". On this day I got to dance to phenomenal live music by the reggae band "The Lions". One Love! 


Tuesday, I went Downtown to The Novo to see my friend Christian Karlson totally rock the stage with his band Galantis. He's got moves to die for. With my fancy backstage pass, I also got to mingle with his lovely parents and his wife, who I suspect is a Queen, for real. I only had time to take 40 bathroom selfies with Emi.

Don't forget to enjoy your life to the fullest, folks!

Love and light