The Future Is Bright

This week my house is full of Swedes. My sister-in-law, Jola, and her lovely family, are finally visiting us here in LA. Due to her fear of flying, it took her 10 years to get up in the air. So proud she finally did it, and I really hope she doesn’t stop this personal progress now. Fear is human, we all have it in different forms and shapes, but when fear becomes an obstacle in your life and stops you from doing the things you want to do, that’s when you need to overcome it. Especially when it stops you from doing things you’d grow from. And travelling sure does makes you grow.

The first time I travelled without my parents or friends, I was 13. I took off for three weeks to Torquay in England on a “Language Summer School”, where we studied English, and I also played tennis every day. I had been saving up to this trip by working all summer on a tennis court. And I remember being pretty scared on that bus. This is how ancient I am: We travelled with bus to Gothenburg and then a big ferry over to England. I overcame my fear, and I assume the amount of growing I did that summer was rad! Another travel of growth in my life was my trip to India when I was 25. Oh, how I wish that travelling to India, alone, would be mandatory for all western people. We have so much to learn.

Affirmation of the Week: The Future Is Bright

All the affirmations in my collection have a story of origin. This one is born out of a conversation with my oldest “hijo-de-corazon” Elliot. When Elliot was a teenager he always used words that were created within his crew of friends, and that vocabulary seeped out in the family circle. One of them will stick with me forever: “Life-Njuter". It’s an English/Swedish mashup and the definition of the word is “A person who enjoys life”. Also this is the perfect and very accurate description of Elliot's personality. Some years ago, he and I had a casual talk about life. And when he described his life, being a DJ, making music, working miscellaneous jobs, being a passionate foodie, moving to Amsterdam for a while, having an awesome girlfriend, he ended our conversation with the statement “well, the future is bright”.

I love this affirmation: The Future Is Bright! As a mother of four and also because of my chosen (but dormant) profession: being a teacher, there is no other way to view the future. I mean, how can you give birth to a wonderful being, and then when they grow up tell them that they should fear the future? How can I stand in the classroom in the morning, greeting my students with love, and then warn them about the evil world around them. No, the reminders I want to spread to the world, is always through the eyes of the optimist: I embrace the past, enjoy the present and joyfully shape the future. The Future Is Bright.

That was all from Echo Park (Pic from Malibu)