And now I'll do what's best for me

30 years ago I graduated ninth grade in Stockholm. My mandatory school journey was officially over, and everything school-ish, I would do after this day, was purely done by choice. The 15-year-old Maria was happy. She didn’t have to go to school anymore if she didn’t want to. Of course I wanted to. I wanted both high school and also later a Bachelor of Education, Waldorf profile.

Now when I’m pushing 46, I realize school is not even close to over. It’s like it only just begun. Cliché but true: Life is a school. But nowadays I either take classes I want to enroll or classes that I need to enroll. The only difference now when you’re an overly mature student is that there is no Mom or Dad around to remind you to do your homework and finish your projects. You da boss. You decide for yourself how much you are willing to learn.

Affirmation of the week: And now I’ll do what’s best for me.

I have some fun collaborative projects in the pipeline, with fellow-fantastic-female-friends. Affirmation of the week is the result of one of these collaborations. A while ago I was contacted by Jill and Alex, who asked if I could custom make a reminder for the clients of their online course: “Girlfriends Guide to Wellness”. And since I knew Jill happily had been wearing one of my bracelets for a while, I felt extra excited to be of service.

Jill and Alex are launching this brilliant course in a couple of days, and the main focus of the course is to teach women to prioritize their own health, and to do it now, not later.

“As women and girlfriends, we are hardwired to put EVERYONE and EVERYTHING before ourselves. We are pleasers and givers, often sacrificing our own well-being for our children, our partners, our bosses, our parents and our friends.”

For me, to custom make an affirmation, is a delicate matter. I only custom make affirmations that I can relate to myself. I don’t necessary have to "need" the reminder myself, but it has to resonate with me. I'm picky when it comes to choosing the right words to spread. When I heard this affirmation, it instantly felt good. And writing it felt even better. And I'm kidding you not I counted my practicing tracing paper; I wrote it 56 times before I got it right. But then suddenly, there it was on that paper...

Wishing my Chicago Tribe all the best. Shipping the first batch any second now, woop woop! 

Happy Monday from Echo Park!