Tara Tam

I’ve been living in LA for almost five years now, and I still get blown away by the beauty and abundance that this city has to offer. For me, the love has mostly been about all the people I meet. And I just heard that LA is currently the most diverse city that ever existed in history. But what I also am in love with, is the magnificent nature surrounding us. This beauty makes me go aaaah pretty often. It did this weekend when we took a mini road trip up the mountain.

If you avoid traffic, you can get from my house to the beach in 30 minutes. And on a clear day, I can even see The Pacific Ocean from my terrace. But, if you turn your head the opposite direction you see the San Gabriel Mountains. I must admit that I didn’t expect these mountains when we moved here. I only had the ocean in mind. I didn’t expect them to be this mighty. And I didn’t expect them to become such a frequent element in my daily life. It’s by the mountains I teach, where my son goes to school, and also where I and my tribe of sisters meditates on a quarter annual basis.

So on Sunday, I, the man, and the dawg took the Prius for a spin and after driving about 50 minutes up the Angeles Crest Highway it started snowing. California stylie I have to add, being a Swede about it. We took a break at the Newcomb’s Ranch, but they were just about to close due to the expected weather so we got a cup of cold and old free coffee for the road and headed to the Switzer Falls and took a fresh hike by the water. So peaceful, and so gorgeous.

Affirmation of the Week: Tara Tam

The reminder of the week is the Sanskrit mantra Tara Tam, which translated means: May I be guided by my inner star, which resides in my heart. I am my heart / My heart is my star. This mantra is good to work with if you tend to overthink things. Note the difference in "thinking" and "overthinking".

Not saying we should stop thinking! Just saying we can use this mantra to help us imagine a tiny but bright star beaming in our hearts. A star that always guides us, if we want, a star here to shine good light on your thoughts, especially if the dark ones tend to dominate and destroy. They need to exist, but they must not take over. And in the light of that star, you can see clearly how to make choices that are good for you and your planet. 

Today I'm also extra happy because my brothers and sisters in France showed us how to trust that star and chose wisely. Hurray!

Tara Tam to you all, from me