Follow Your Bliss

It's been busy times in the I AM Factory the last two weeks due to the holiday season. The "factory" is located in our garage in Echo Park, and that is where I handcraft the bracelets. To be perfectly honest, I didn't see it coming that I would be the kind of person who would have dirty nails mostly. But I like it. And I LOVE our garage.

And this is another thing I love in our garage: 

This is my OCD husband Kent who helps me operate the laser machine, among other things. No Kent - no bracelets. If you google "Handyman" this is probably the image that pops up. In our 20 years together I've seen him fix & take care of pretty much everything; cars, computers, instruments, clothes, tables, toasters, phones, jewelry, sick children, shoes, pipes, lamps - and yes - I could go on forever. He's a magician.

Kent is also a man who lives by affirmation of the week: "Follow Your Bliss". He started early, at 14 he was a fully booked DJ and he moved to his own apartment at 15. And ever since, he's been doing "his own thing". It's inspiring to live by his side, also because I've always felt his support for me following MY bliss as well. Happy wife, happy life...

Affirmation of the week: Follow Your Bliss.

"Ask yourself what is the most meaningful thing to you, then ally yourself with that. Follow Your Bliss" is a quote by Joseph Campbell. This is a reminder that you should fill your life with things that you think is meaningful. The more meaningful stuff you fill your life with, the less room for the unnecessary. 

Happy Friday & Merry Christmas from a RAINY Los Angeles