Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet! What a lovely idea. Congratulations on your business venture. Louise and I love to hear from people who are on their path of personal empowerment and healing. Thank you for all the good work that you do. Life loves you!

-Love, The Hay Foundation

I wear the ALL IS WELL bracelet on my right wrist, together with a mala bracelet. They serve as a reminder that the world is a spiritual place, and I'm a spiritual being. I love the All Is Well reminder especially because it helps me focus on gratitude. Honestly, I don't have a whole lot to complain about, and I want to act accordingly

- Jörgen Kjellgren

THINGS ARE ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME and what better way to remember this than to have it on my wrist. The IAM leather bracelets are meaningful reminders of the beauty of our lives. In a fast moving world it's essential to have this important and great looking accessory! 

- Kristin Leachman

Latifah has been wearing her bracelet I AM BELOVED day and night since she got it from her mom. Once we had a substitute coach at my BJJ practice who asked me to take it off during practice. That didn’t feel good at all. I never want to take it off. And that is what’s so cool: That I’ve always had it on! Well, one more time I’ve taken it off, it was when I was getting surgery. But my mom wore it on her arm while I was asleep, so that felt safe. I got it back when I woke up.

Latifah Hasselrot

I wear THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT and I LIVE OUT OF PURE TRUST. After a long period of stress and health problems I felt I needed to focus my energy on healing and health and to have trust in that process. The affirmations have truly helped me in so many ways, especially to choose thoughts that I can grow from and that helps me to feel good.

- Anna Vogel

I got my bracelet from a friend for my birthday. It says THINGS ARE ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME. And it is so true, no matter how impossible something seems, it has always worked out for me, one way or the other. So every time that I need to be reminded of that, I just look at my wrist, and there it is, the perfect reminder.

Neda Zeighami