Love All, Serve All

This week’s affirmation “Love All, Serve All” was at first a request from my parents for a custom made bracelet, but I decided to keep it in the collection. To be honest, this is not a best seller, and I think the reason might be because it’s the hardest thing a human can do: opening your heart so wide that you are able to “love all”. I’m definitely not there yet myself but hope to be at some point in my life. But in the context of my bracelet-business, I do embrace the idea of loving all and serving all. All arms are welcome here!

In this blog post, I want to tell you a bit about my parents. Here’s my version of their story:

Once upon a time, the very handsome musician Brian Isaacs had a gig with his duo in a school in Stockholm. And in this same school the blonde beauty Siv Persson was working as a first-grade teacher. “She came up to me when we arrived and asked me if we wanted a cup of coffee. I knew at that moment, that she was the one”.

Brian was only 19 when he left South Africa in 1959. He left to go travel the world as the youngest member of the “multi-racial” entertainment group “The Golden City Dixies”. He was a singer and a dancer. When he left Capetown, he did not know that he would be stuck in Sweden in exile for 33 years. During these years he worked mainly with spreading the message of world peace through his music, traveling in Europe, singing in schools to inform about the sick system of Apartheid.

Siv, born and raised in Sweden, became a teacher by chance. She and her friend were sitting with a catalog where all the available college educations were listed. They decided to spin the wheel. They closed their eyes and scrolled through the list with a pointed finger moving over it, and whenever they’d say “stop”, they would stop the finger and see what their destiny would be. “Elementary School Teacher” was where the finger stopped. I can’t recall a single moment in my life when I heard my mom complaining about her job. She went to work every day with a smile on her face. She loved teaching, and she was good at it. And this was at the time in history where being a Teacher still was a highly respected profession.

Throughout both their careers, they’ve always aimed to spread love. My dad on the stage, making people laugh and making them feel good. My mom, with such grace and calmness in the classroom, making her students love to read and write, but mostly she made them love mathematics, with her playful approach to the subject. And still, today, when they’re both retired and soon to be 80, they spread their love. Every morning they dedicate time to meditate together. And they always bring a list of people into their meditation that they want to send love and healing light to. And every day they wear their reminder that I made for them, the reminder to “Love All, Serve All”.

Being their daughter, I’ve always felt BELOVED from top to toe, just the way I am. For that, I am beyond grateful. Thank you.

That was all for the week, thank you for reading.